Feldenkrais & Anat Baniel Methodsm
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Open up a new movement possibility for yourself by doing a Feldenkrais mini-exploration. 3 minutes or less!

  • Practice doing it the easy way: keep your movements small, slow, and well within your range of easy, comfortable movement.

  • Practice variation: change the angle you move a little bit each time.

  • Practice moving with attention: as you finish an exploration, see if you can identify the movement habit that made the initial move challenging for you.

#3. Get to the ground comfortably (also great for tight hamstrings)

  1. Stand up, and put one foot on your chair. Notice where on your support foot you put your weight.

  2. Put the same side hand on your leg, and begin slowly moving it down from your knee toward your ankle, exploring the shape and texture of all sides of your calf. Explore with your palm, and then with the back of your hand.
    - Which way is it easiest to turn your chest?
    - Notice if your knee moves in space as your hand slides downward. Experiment - does moving
      your knee forward or backward make it easier?

  3. Switch hands - same leg. Go slow. Notice which direction your chest faces to make it most comfortable to reach down your leg. Does your knee move? Does moving it more make it easier?

  4. Both hands, same leg. Do you coordinate the movement with your breathing? Does your bottom move?

  5. Stand up on both feet, and sense the back of your legs. Does one feel longer? Bend over and with slightly bent knees, reach down for the ground. Is it easier on one side? Does one hip know how to bend better than the other?

#2. Find the posture of ease and possibilities

  1. Stand and look up, and make a mental mark on the wall or ceiling for how far you can comfortably see.

  2. With tiny movements, move your pelvis forwards and backwards 10-20 times.
    - Feel the pressure changes where your feet touch the floor.
    - Coordinate the movement with your breathing - inhale and push your belly out and forward,
      exhale and pull your belly in.

  3. Look up again - can you see more? Is it more comfortable? Breathe in. How's your mood?

#1. Ease your neck

Enjoying feeling more limber? These are just a taste of what's possible when you learn to use all of yourself as you move. Try a class or a private session to make progress on your specific goals.


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