Restoring freedom of movement
a weekend Feldenkrais® retreat in Leavenworth, April 6-8, 2018


Imagine moving freely and comfortably, feeling strong, resilient, and confident that you can recover from injury and reset your mood into hopeful serenity.

Come join us at the beautiful Icicle Creek Center for the Arts for a transformative weekend retreat. Gentle Feldenkrais neuro-movement lessons will leave you feeling powerful and fluid. Nia dance is interwoven to add joy and help you sense your immediate improvement in mobility and balance. You’ll leave confident that you can reset yourself into comfort and flexibility on your own.

All ages and abilities are welcome, including people currently experiencing pain and injury, as well as active people who want to get better at their favorite activities! No experience or athletic ability required – just bring your curiosity, desire for improved coordination and ease, and clothes you feel comfortable moving in.


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    Workshop options:

Full workshop for one person: $165
Friday evening only:  $45

Saturday morning only: $60

Saturday afternoon only: $60

Saturday night dance only: $20 (A fun combo of Feldenkrais and Nia free dance for gentle, comfortable movement set to powerful and moving music. Expect guided play and delight in feeling your body moving. Designed for people of any fitness level and dance experience.

Sunday morning Feldenkrais only: $30

Sunday morning Nia only: $20

Sunday morning Feldenkrais and Nia: $45

Full workshop for two people: $300
Person you're signing up with:  Name

1 hour private Feldenkrais session: $80  (work on relieving specific areas of discomfort or improving your ability to do specific activities)

Which of the following time slots would work for you?  

    - Friday 4 pm, 5:45 pm   

    - Saturday  7 am, 8:30 am, 12:45 pm  6:15 pm 

    - Sunday 7 am, 8:30 am, 11 am, 12:15 pm

   Lodging options:

I'd like to share a cabin.  $20 per night for 6 people, $40 per night for 3 people, $55 per night for 2 people  
Kitchenette cabin (1 king,  4 bunks)     King bed 4 bunks    6 bunk cabin       Max number in the cabin

I'd like an entire cabin. $110 per night.  
      King bed 4 bunks cabin      6 bunk-bed cabin    Kitchenette cabin (1 king,  4 bunks)  (sold out)  

I'd like to stay at Sleeping Lady (rates start at $290/night for 2 people, and include breakfast and dinner)
   Meal options: (Kingfisher and O'Grady's are both part of Sleeping Lady, right next to Icicle Creek Center for the Arts.
                                 Other restaurants are available in Leavenworth, just a few miles away)

Meals at Kingfisher Restaurant (Fri dinner, Sat breakfast and dinner, Sun breakfast) $126 (vegetarian and gluten-free entrees available). Meals can also be purchased individually at Kingfisher  ($43 dinner, $20 breakfast).

  Meals at O'Gradys (also on the Sleeping Lady property), purchased individually (breakfast, lunch, dinner available, average entree $11, includes gluten-free and vegetarian options)



 *We'll contact you after you register to arrange 
private session time and cabin-sharing if needed, and payment by PayPal or check.
Prices above include tax.




Registration 4  - 5

Dinner 5 - 6

Workshop 7 - 9


Breakfast: 8 - 9

Workshop: 9:30 -12

Lunch – box or on own: 12 - 2

Workshop: 2 - 4:30

Dinner: 5 - 6

Dance 7:30 - 9:00


Breakfast: 8 - 9

Feldenkrais 9:30 -11

Nia 11 - 12

We're delighted to collaborate on producing this workshop!

Irene Pasternack and Ed Mills
Feldenkrais Practitioners

Gayle Holeton
Nia Black Belt

"Make the impossible possible, then easy,
then elegant and pleasant to do."
Moshe Feldenkrais, DSc

"I see dance being used as communication between body and soul,
to express what is too deep to find for words
Ruth St. Denis

More info about Feldenkrais with Irene and Ed: More information about
Nia with Gayle.